Friday, October 31, 2008

My Favorite Wedding Gift Website

I was in Chicago about a year ago and found this artist's work in a shop there.  I took a card and went on the website and from there it was a constant order-fest.  Her name is Laura Zindel and if you read that "news" section of her homepage you can read her informal artist's statement, which I love.  Soooo, I had a butt-load of wedding gifts to get and this site is just about my dream come true as far as wedding gifts are concerned.  It's an off-the-registry mecca and I highly suggest you get some original Laura Zindel ceramics for your next nuptial party.  She makes everything to order if it's not in stock and she lives in Vermont in a barn...wait for it...WITH HER HUSBAND!  I bet they have a big dog or two and a chicken coop and I'm sure they hate TV and would find me to be the least interesting person in the world.  All while I drooled with envy over their lifestyle and art work.  But I've talked to her on the phone a few times and so tell I sent you and maybe she'll love me just a fraction of what I feel for her work.  

WHAT I WILL BUY (which means I hope Laura Zindel will let me register with her when I/if I ever get married):
Who doesn't want to eat Tiramisu on a tarantula?!?!

Okay, so the couple getting married is more traditional.  You go with birds!  (Look at the other bird options because this one is $425 so maybe you do a four person wedding group gift!)

These bowls scream artwork but can't you just see them also holding an ice cream sundae?


I got this big bee vase for Andy & Maria (still in my top 5 weddings ever!) and I want one for myself!

You know when you meet people and become good friends with them while they are in the process of planning their wedding?  And then you don't go to the wedding but you don't want to pretend like it didn't happen?  I got this for those friends of mine and these bottles are only $42 and they are weird enough that they will always think of you and not want to throw it out or regift it because it's bizarre and weirdly awesome.  Done and doner!

I got this for Starr and Greg's wedding and every time I go to their apartment I see it on the wall and it's really awesome.  I'm jealous.  

I got this big tarantula vase for my friend Rennie for his wedding.  He said it was "metal" which means "totally awesome" and score for going off the registry!

I have this big bird vase - my sister and cousins got it for my 29th birthday and I was beyond surprised and shocked and all emotions that mean happy.  Thank you again Kara, Bridget & Suzanne!

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