Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stars & Infinite Darkness

My dear friend Starr told me about this site tonight while we enjoyed two for one beers at Matchless in Greenpoint.  And she was right - even if they sound super teen angsty and hot topic-chic, this site, called Stars & Infinite Darkness, has good stuff!

I love me a wishbone, especially around my neck for only $22!

If I were a tree, this bracelet is what I'd look like.  And I'd have a parent or boyfriend buy my branches for me.

Everyone should be wearing a jumper of this variety.

The holidays are right around the corner so whether you need to line your Christmas tree or get yer holiday party on, this skirt could be the one for you.

Okay two things you should know about me:  1) I love long non-dangling earrings.  2) I really love imperfect matches.  And that is why these Chinese dragon earrings are on my wishlist and about seconds away from going into my e-cart.

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