Friday, October 31, 2008

Built By Wendy

Look, Built By Wendy is not cheap.  But, homegirl has a way of making some serious staples that you will wear for years.  I bought a black heavy linen dress that I wear every season and have worn for the past couple years and it's perfect.  I got it on sale and this store can put on some serious sales.  My dress was $210 and I got it for $99.  It's black, it's simple and I'm on my 3rd year with it so you do the math.  And if you're as bad at math as I am I'll cheat for your and tell you it means that holy moly, those are some awesome stats!

Here is her Fall collection - keep on the website for things to go on sale.  If you live near a store, sign up for the email list so you are on to their sample sales - they are pretty impressive.
This you might need to try on, but this poor man's Chloe Sevigny looks purty darn cute in it.  

Every girl needs a black jumper this Fall/Winter/Cold Spring.  And it kills me to suggest that shirt but honestly, those sleeves might be worth whatever the shirt costs.  You can wear those things under all types of dresses.

I'm actually fundamentally opposed to anything that costs over $150, but my god, lets all just take a moment and acknowledge how cute this dress is.  

Don't worry - this shirt is on sale!

I feel like this boxy look isn't so cute on me, but I have no doubt it'll be uber-cute on you!

The reason I'm sold on this top is because of the way it pairs with that top.  But you can find this top no matter what.  Probably even at Target!

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