Friday, October 31, 2008

Back To Things I Can Actually Afford...once I get a paycheck.

I got a little carried away with those dresses, but I found another good site called Lulu's that has lots of things that are just as cute for a whole lot cheaper.  This site is also the cheapest I have seen BB Dakota clothing sold for - grab it!

My bag comes in navy too!  Double fudge sundae!

I think everyone should have this tuxedo skirt.

This look is a great inVESTment.  Right?  With me?  Is this thing on?  P.S. It's only $31!

This plaid shirt would look really good on me.  Hint, hint.

This dress is  I want it.

This boot is $47 and these days even Steve Madden boots are selling for like two hundy so jump on this sh*t while you can.

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