Monday, October 20, 2008

Time to Raid Mom's Closet

My mother is a self-described "country bumpkin".  So you can imagine my surprised when she pulled out some old designer purses from the archives.  Apparently before she and my father started popping out the babies they were quite the jet setters.  I'm not positive of the details but there was a trip to Italy at one point and at least one of these purses was purchased by my father for my mother.  According to her they were too fancy and she was embarrassed to use them.  So, she didn't.  Until 30-some years later when she decided to give them to me!  I'm almost scared to use them as I feel like I'll either be mugged or something will happen to them - a hurricane or even a light sprinkle, a glass of wine knocked over by a clumsy waitress, a glass of wine spilled by a clumsy me - anything!  They are like children who I have to let go off with their friends even though I know they are probably smoking and drinking wine coolers and there is nothing I can do about it.

This is a seriously awesome Gucci bag made of alligator skin with my mother's initials printed in gold!  I'm star-struck by my own mother.  

This is a hunter green Gucci suede bag with a longer strap.  It's pretty amazing.  Meredith and I agree that the hardware is the best part of these purses.

This is the only one I've actually worn out - it was a stressful night but I got through it without a scratch!  It's a Ferragamo!  Ooh laa laa!

Apologies for the photos - I'm just learning all about my photo booth option, which I highly recommend for good times, solo or with company. 

How much do you think these things would sell on Ebay?  Seriously, I might use them as a savings of sorts...back up, if you will.  

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