Friday, October 24, 2008

There is NOTHING Free About Free People...but it's still cute.

Free People makes me furious!  It's so cute and yet so friggin expensive.  And for what?  A gauzy shirt that is the most vulnerable to any kind of anything bad that could ever possibly happen to the cute top you are wearing that cost a lot more than it looks.  Remember when FP was the go to cheap default brand for Urban Outfitters?  And now their dresses are like $150!  WTF?!?!  Good thing they still believe in sales!

These clogs are an all season treat.  Weee!

I like these pants.  Well, I like the buttons at the bottom.  I am not sure they would look cute on me seeing as my legs are the length of my pinky finger, but nonetheless, for all you gazelle-like ladies out there I think theses are cute.  Although you might have to have that model's body in order to pull them off.  

These rings could make a nice gift.  Even if that gift is for yerself.  

This dress is cute - still pricey but could be good for winter/summer, which is key when spending more than a hundred bones.  

BEWARE:  This "Master of the House" corset dress is NOT on sale.  But I'm putting it on here because while us ladies might look at this dress as being Les Miserable-chic (you would sound sooo good singing "On My Own" in this), this dress will make the object of your affection LOVE you.  They will buy you drinks.  They will fantasize about you.  And if you want they will probably even call you Eponine.  

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