Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dear Santa

Holidays are made for you coming up with things you just want and by no means whatsoever in any circumstance actually need.  And that is why The Curiosity Shoppe is great!  They carry awesome things that you might not have the cajones to actually purchase any other time of the year.  So have fun!

Keep in touch with old friends who moved away.  Send them a paint-by-numbers postcard to let them know you care.

Spice up your kitchen with nesting bowls.  Don't match?  Even better!  I love me some mismatched dish ware.

If you haven't gone green yet, now's the time.  Get yer tote on, y'all!

I'm all about ambiance.  And nothing says ambiance light a campfire.  

I am a fan of any type of wood product that can make my desk/cubicle/work area/home away from home.  This wooden stapler is a nice reminder during the day that you are working towards your dreams and will one day stick it to the man.  Just don't let that a-hole in HR steal it. 

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