Friday, October 31, 2008


Lets all thank Lauren for sending me this site called Penelope's.  I took one look and was sold.  I was also all like, "dude, I've totaly been here."  It's a store in Chicago and if you are ever in the windy city I must direct you there.  It's not the cheapest but some of these clothes are seriously kind of amazing.  And they don't look like stuff I've been finding at other places, which is key when spending more money.  Shall we?  We shall.  Lets!

Throw out that old interview suit and get with the 2008.

This site is all about my toddler-chic look.  Check out this here plaid number.

Dear God, please let me win the lottery so I can afford cute dresses like this lil' grey thing.

Slap on some leggings and a vest with this here plaid dress and a boot of sorts and you are ready for a serious brunch fest.  Start texting!

This dress might as well be a sandwich board that has my name written on it.  

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