Friday, October 17, 2008

Target is A-OK in My Book

Target is amazing.  Always and forever.  I got me some pretty sweet things when I was there last weekend, including but not limited to a Swiffer Wet Jet (I suggest this one stop shop rather than the bulky bucket and mop - possibly cheaper but not worth it in my limited space book.)

I wouldn't pick this dress from the website, but because I tried it on last weekend (they didn't have my size - double 0, if you MUST, that is a lie).  Anywhoo, it's really cute and I was all ready to pair it with black tights and my red shoes.  I suggest you do the same.  Or a boot - love me a boot.

This dress is a little Amish-chic, but you know, if you took those homemade dresses they wear and shorten it, they might be pretty cute.  I feel like if even this model looks like she's in her second tri-mester, everyone will too so maybe not.  I suggest going to the store to try this one on.
Target also nails this LBD (little black dress - shoot me for writing LBD).   Cute, no?  

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