Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Every Cute Girl Needs A Cute Home

And that is why Velocity is a great site.  Lots of different artists, which means lots of different prices.  

Me like Thomas Paul everything.  Especially these plates.

Not super cheap but these wood bookends sure are dreamy.

And same goes for this planter.  Man, this site is more pricey than I thought (or I just like the pricey stuff), but I still have to share because it's too good.

If you can afford this and have the space for it and a cat that will actually use it then I say why not.

1 comment:

Ryan Green said...

oh gosh i love the planter. it's the sort of thing that requires you to have a lot of space though otherwise you won't see it and it'll just look like you have a lot of crap in your house. sigh.