Friday, October 31, 2008 is a site that has a lot of very affordable cute clothes.  I take issue with their model who has spent way too much time at the electric beach, but that's just my issue.  And I'm taking it back.  I'm taking them all back!

This cowl neck hoodie sweater is a winter staple.  I've had one every year and I might need to replace mine as I've worn out the armpits.  TMI?  Deal.

Give her some black tights and red shoes and put her hair up and wipe that seductive grin off her face and shucks, lets give her some glasses while we're at it and give her a week with no tanning booth and this dress is adorable!

They sell these jackets at the dollar store by my house for $7 in both kid and adult sizes so I say go there first, but if you can't make it to south Williamsburg then this could be yours in a few clicks!

Last Minute Cheap Halloween Costumes

The Undercover Housewife:
  • Wig or make your hair big and use curlers or something.  Call friends and try to borrow a wig.  
  • Trench coat
  • Big sunglasses
With these 3 things that you most likely already have you can transform yourself into the wife of a man who has been coming home late from the office for weeks now!  So, you go incognito and follow him from the office to a fancy restaurant - he's cheating!  You just know it.  You sit at the bar and very obviously read the paper as if to say, "Nothing to see here, folks.  I'm just a woman in a wig wearing sunglasses inside a la lots of 80's movies and I'm just reading the paper.  Pretty soon I'm going to smoke a cigarette and start coughing because I don't actually smoke but it only draws more attention to the fact that I'm just another bar patron on a regular night who keeps peering at the man at the table for two just over the top of the paper that I can't stop reading."  And then she shows up and they kiss each other on the cheek (he's never that European when he's with you!) and then she hands him a case and he looks in, nods approvingly and then gives her a hug and starts whispering in her ear - CAUGHT IN THE ACT!   You can't stand it anymore so you interfere and make a scene, slap him, slap her and slap him again.  Call him a cheater and start crying - you can't control your emotions.  He grabs you by both your wrists and calms you down by shhhhing you like a baby.  He's not cheating.  He's taken another job so he could afford to buy you A NEW DIAMOND NECKLACE!!!!  So silly...

Okay, so I don't have an elaborate story for all of these but they are still easy breezy beautiful cover girl.

The Substitute Teacher:
  • Homemade spit balls
  • Homemade "kick me" sign
  • Sweatshirt to stuff in your butt to make it all kinds of big
  • Socks to stuff your bra but you have to make them droopy and just below your waistline
You are the kid-tortured Ms. Whatever - the single cat lady who kinda resembles Mrs. Peacock from Clue.  

Boys - Joe the Plumber is popular this year.  Deal with it.  

Any other ideas???  I'm going as Bernie from Weekend At Bernie's.  I'm a dead guy.  The man-wig was expensive but everything else is from the thrift store!

Charlotte Ronson Hearts JC Penny!

I never thought I'd see the day that any Ronson child was spotted in JC Penny, but I guess it's a totally cool thing for designers to go slumming in big department stores now-a-days.  Even Vera Wang is all up in Kohl's grill.  Charlotte Ronson's new JC Penny line "I Heart Ronson" looks cute in the photos but I can't really tell what to make of the individual pieces.  Nylon loves it and here are the photos that I stole from them.  Her line debuts in February so verdict is out till then!  Enjoy!

Kiss & Chase

This site, Kiss and Chase, feels like it might be in the beginning stages but I like this dress.  Quiksilver strikes again!  I call this dress "Voter-chic" - go vote!

Back To Things I Can Actually Afford...once I get a paycheck.

I got a little carried away with those dresses, but I found another good site called Lulu's that has lots of things that are just as cute for a whole lot cheaper.  This site is also the cheapest I have seen BB Dakota clothing sold for - grab it!

My bag comes in navy too!  Double fudge sundae!

I think everyone should have this tuxedo skirt.

This look is a great inVESTment.  Right?  With me?  Is this thing on?  P.S. It's only $31!

This plaid shirt would look really good on me.  Hint, hint.

This dress is  I want it.

This boot is $47 and these days even Steve Madden boots are selling for like two hundy so jump on this sh*t while you can.


Lets all thank Lauren for sending me this site called Penelope's.  I took one look and was sold.  I was also all like, "dude, I've totaly been here."  It's a store in Chicago and if you are ever in the windy city I must direct you there.  It's not the cheapest but some of these clothes are seriously kind of amazing.  And they don't look like stuff I've been finding at other places, which is key when spending more money.  Shall we?  We shall.  Lets!

Throw out that old interview suit and get with the 2008.

This site is all about my toddler-chic look.  Check out this here plaid number.

Dear God, please let me win the lottery so I can afford cute dresses like this lil' grey thing.

Slap on some leggings and a vest with this here plaid dress and a boot of sorts and you are ready for a serious brunch fest.  Start texting!

This dress might as well be a sandwich board that has my name written on it.  

Built By Wendy

Look, Built By Wendy is not cheap.  But, homegirl has a way of making some serious staples that you will wear for years.  I bought a black heavy linen dress that I wear every season and have worn for the past couple years and it's perfect.  I got it on sale and this store can put on some serious sales.  My dress was $210 and I got it for $99.  It's black, it's simple and I'm on my 3rd year with it so you do the math.  And if you're as bad at math as I am I'll cheat for your and tell you it means that holy moly, those are some awesome stats!

Here is her Fall collection - keep on the website for things to go on sale.  If you live near a store, sign up for the email list so you are on to their sample sales - they are pretty impressive.
This you might need to try on, but this poor man's Chloe Sevigny looks purty darn cute in it.  

Every girl needs a black jumper this Fall/Winter/Cold Spring.  And it kills me to suggest that shirt but honestly, those sleeves might be worth whatever the shirt costs.  You can wear those things under all types of dresses.

I'm actually fundamentally opposed to anything that costs over $150, but my god, lets all just take a moment and acknowledge how cute this dress is.  

Don't worry - this shirt is on sale!

I feel like this boxy look isn't so cute on me, but I have no doubt it'll be uber-cute on you!

The reason I'm sold on this top is because of the way it pairs with that top.  But you can find this top no matter what.  Probably even at Target!

My Favorite Wedding Gift Website

I was in Chicago about a year ago and found this artist's work in a shop there.  I took a card and went on the website and from there it was a constant order-fest.  Her name is Laura Zindel and if you read that "news" section of her homepage you can read her informal artist's statement, which I love.  Soooo, I had a butt-load of wedding gifts to get and this site is just about my dream come true as far as wedding gifts are concerned.  It's an off-the-registry mecca and I highly suggest you get some original Laura Zindel ceramics for your next nuptial party.  She makes everything to order if it's not in stock and she lives in Vermont in a barn...wait for it...WITH HER HUSBAND!  I bet they have a big dog or two and a chicken coop and I'm sure they hate TV and would find me to be the least interesting person in the world.  All while I drooled with envy over their lifestyle and art work.  But I've talked to her on the phone a few times and so tell I sent you and maybe she'll love me just a fraction of what I feel for her work.  

WHAT I WILL BUY (which means I hope Laura Zindel will let me register with her when I/if I ever get married):
Who doesn't want to eat Tiramisu on a tarantula?!?!

Okay, so the couple getting married is more traditional.  You go with birds!  (Look at the other bird options because this one is $425 so maybe you do a four person wedding group gift!)

These bowls scream artwork but can't you just see them also holding an ice cream sundae?


I got this big bee vase for Andy & Maria (still in my top 5 weddings ever!) and I want one for myself!

You know when you meet people and become good friends with them while they are in the process of planning their wedding?  And then you don't go to the wedding but you don't want to pretend like it didn't happen?  I got this for those friends of mine and these bottles are only $42 and they are weird enough that they will always think of you and not want to throw it out or regift it because it's bizarre and weirdly awesome.  Done and doner!

I got this for Starr and Greg's wedding and every time I go to their apartment I see it on the wall and it's really awesome.  I'm jealous.  

I got this big tarantula vase for my friend Rennie for his wedding.  He said it was "metal" which means "totally awesome" and score for going off the registry!

I have this big bird vase - my sister and cousins got it for my 29th birthday and I was beyond surprised and shocked and all emotions that mean happy.  Thank you again Kara, Bridget & Suzanne!

Jezebel Is An Artiste!

Last year I went to the Renegade Craft Fair at McCarren Pool in Williamsburg and got some note cards because I am an old woman and a product of my mother who insists on thank you notes for anything that comes from a blood relative or one of her friends.  But I got them from this vendor called Jezebel and they make some seriously cute cards.  From cards to totes to t-shirts and jewelry, I'm sold on Jezebel.  If it's true what they say about that name, I'm glad I've had my time with her 'cause that girl is good! 

Note cards are kind of neat gifts, especially when they have good prints that make them fun to give and write on.  Just sayin'...  

Maybe it's a holiday card you need send.  

Maybe there's a baby you need to welcome into the world.  Wouldn't that be exciting?

This tote bag is the print of the cards I got last year.  And they come with some funky rice paper envelopes.  Have I mentioned how much I love rice paper?  What about tote bags?  Have you noticed that trend yet?

Toes On The Nose Bro's!

Remember Quiksilver?  It's like thinking about carrying a big ESPIRT tote bag or wearing an oversized Forenza sweatshirt.  Apparently the surfer grrl brand is coming back and re-inventing themselves for a post-swim-&-surf look that has all the makings of Blue Crush goes to a cocktail party.  I loved Kate Bosworth with a few cheeseburgers in her belly so I say BRING IT!

If it's not freezing where you are already then this probably will do for you.  Mainly because it's as cute as a newborn kitten litter.  

Surf girls are easy.  Or something like that.  Either way, this dress:  check!

I'm not positive, but I think I like this.  And I think I'd like it a lot better with a high waisted skirt.  Yes please!

Hang ten in this grey big bow big party dress.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

One (Fine, 2) More Etsy Item(s) That I Like/Want

If this sweatshirt is from American Apparel then color me "I have that!" and it's super comfs.  And it's much cuter with this print on it.

And there is another one that I think your fat hipster boyfriend might like.  If my boyfriend were a hipster, or if he weren't a hipster who refused to accept the fact that he is a hipster, I would get him this Paul Bunyan-chic t-shirt.  P.S.  This shirt does come in other sizes than an XL.